Why We Should Have No "Free Time"

Why We Should Have No "Free Time"

The Problem - Having Free Time

Everybody feels great when they get a bit of free time after being very busy with school, work or a personal project and that's ok as we all need a break. The problem is when you know you want to do work but you don't have anything blocked out in a calendar. When that happens your brain will likely see this as free time rather than work time and whatever you do in your free time is what you will revert to doing when you actually wanted to work.

The Solution - Time Blocking

Thankfully there is a solution to this problem and that is Time Blocking. Time Blocking is when you schedule in time for what you're doing in a calendar app of some sort. I think an app is more useful because there isn't enough space in a physical calendar to write all the tasks for a given day. It doesn't matter which app you use just use one.  This is very useful because it gives you clarity for the tasks that you have on any given day. Congratulations you are now time blocking your day and having no more clarity issues.

Additional Reading

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