How to Make Studying more Fun

How to Make Studying more Fun

The Problem

At some point we all experience the issue where we just don't want to study because it seems "too boring" or "not fun enough" but can we make studying fun; I think we can.

3 Reasons to do This

  1. You will be more likely to study resulting in better exam performance.
  2. Your studying will fulfil you.
  3. Inevitably your studying will be of a higher quality because you are enjoying yourself.

4 Actions You Can Take Starting Today

1. Treat Your Exams As A Game

Treat your exams as a game with yourself whereby you are interested in how your friends are getting on but you don't take it too seriously because nobody wants to play a game with someone serious they want to play with someone sincere the difference is when you are sincere you are trying your best to "win" but you are also having fun but if you are serious you are not having fun but just being obsessed with winning the game. This makes it more fun because you can track your progress in a fun way.

2. Listen To Music

I know there is some evidence that listening to music while studying can affect your retention, that is certainly true if you are listening to traditional songs but I believe listening to instrumental music is good because it makes studying inherently more fun and if that means my studying is like 1% less effective well I'm ok with that because I am then more likely to study which will be of more benefit to me. I listen to this playlist by Ali Abdaal but it doesn't matter which playlist you use there are tons of Study With Me playlists out there.

3. Study With Friends                                                                          

Studying with Friends can make everything more fun because during the day you can interleave between short bursts of efficient studying and messing around with your friends. This is also very good because it gives you an insight into how much of a wasteman everyone else is because sometimes you can get the misperception that other people are studying so much when in reality they are not (Well at least not as much as you think they are doing.

4. Treat Yourself In The Process

What I occasionally like to do when studying is during the day I might go down to the shop and maybe get a drink or a bar or something as a kind of "reward" because then I would have an incentive for studying. I used to feel guilty about this but now I don't really because I think it improves the quality of study because I am getting a break also.