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Hey friends,

Sorry for being late I know but I did mention that I won't have perfect punctuation every week.

Just thought I would share a blog post from Seth Godin

There are countless arguments about words that we often don’t understand the way someone else might.
Words like education, learning, merit, talent, skill, privilege, smart and successful.
They might not mean what we think they do.
Well-educated isn’t the same thing as smart.
Talents are different than skills.
Learning is not the same as education.
Successful isn’t the same as rich.
Agreeing on what we mean is a great place to begin.

Have a great week!


My Favourite Things This Week

Weather - After having so much heat it was nice to see some 'bad' weather.

Quote of The Week

The key to having more time is doing less, and there are two paths to getting there, both of which should be used together: (1) Define a to-do list and (2) define a not-to-do list. In general terms, there are but two questions: What 20% of sources are causing 80% of my problems and unhappiness?