Everything you need to know on Procrastination

Hey friends,

Since I have been procrastinating A LOT on doing my Christmas homework. And by that I mean leaving it until the day before I go back to school (more on that in the Favourites section). I have decided to make a reference point to all of my content on Procrastination to help me (and hopefully you) when we are procrastinating.

A trick to help beat Procrastination

The 5 minute Productivity rule

The 2 minute productivity rule

The Key to Productive Procrastination

Tim Urban‘s Procrastination Framework

Why do we Procrastinate

I hope this will be helpful for you. It certainly will be for me.

Have a great week!


❤️ My Favourite Things This Week

  1. Manchester Trip - This week I was surprised with a trip to Manchester to see a match do some shopping and it was excellent (Also the reason I am one day late).
  2. Procrastination Galore - This week I left my Geography, Some Business, All my English (6 exam questions 3 of them being essays) to the very day before going back to school. Aren’t I clever. So I decided to go “God mode” and bang it all out in 5 and a half hours from 3 to half 8 with a dinner break. This is a favourite not because I enjoyed doing it (believe me I didn’t) but because of the experience and the story.

✍️ Quote of The Week

“Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.”