How I'm lying to myself

Hey friends,

So I think I am a somewhat organised guy that's fairly productive can reach inbox zero bla bla bla. But recently my desk is a mess my inbox is clogged up and I always seem to be behind. I have realised that I have been overthinking thing way too much. I was thinking oh theres so many emails and they could be important so lets just keep them or I might need one of those sheets in the massive pile.

But I think I have a solution. What if you just decluttered everything marie condenn style. Whereby you delete all the emails get rid of the sheets unless one of them is ultra important which if it's sitting in a pile it shouldn't be anyway. JUST DECLUTTER. I can guarantee you that you won't even miss anything because most likely you don't even know what's there.

Have a great week!


❤️ My Favourite Things This Week

  1. A new way - At the moment I am really net deep in CBAs which is actually quite fun as it's interesting to see how doing real world projects work as it's a fairly new experience.
  2. Preperation - This one is kind of cheating as it isn't something this week but it's coming up to the time of year where you have to prepare for exams I am going to sound like a massive nerd but it's actually kind of fun.

😔 My Least Favourite Things This Week

  1. Cold - Unfortunately an awful cold has come on me and I was unable to attend school on Friday and maybe not Monday not sure yet. Colds are not fun.

✍️ Quote of The Week

“Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love—is the sum of what you focus on.”