It's all About the Story we tell Ourselves

Hey friends,

I know I'm a day late with this one I had forgotten about it until I was in bed late last night.

This week I want to talk to you about a lesson I learned from a Book called Happy (by Derren Brown).

Before I explain it I would like to leave you with a quote from the author

We are each of us a product of the story we tell ourselves

Now I really took this to heart because when you think about it it's very true. For example in this story a man was sitting in a bar reading a book and there was these people near him behaving very loudly. They were shouting, laughing and making a lot of noise. This really annoyed the man until he spoke to the bartender because he was trying to read his book and he thought that they were doing this on purpose but when he ordered a drink he made a comment to the bartender on how loud the group were at which the bartender replied "their actually celebrating an engagement". The man then understood why they were making noise and after this he could genuinely read his book in peace.

That's all,

Have a great week!


My Favourite Things This Week

  1. Book - I recently started reading a new Book (Happy by Derren Brown) and I am really enjoying it so far stay tuned for a summary on my website.
  2. Holidays - It's been really nice to be off school and have fun without worrying about homework, exams or going to school.

Quote of The Week

There is always a countermove, always an escape or a way through, so there is no reason to get worked up. No one said it would be easy and, of course, the stakes are high, but the path is there for those ready to take it.

From The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday.